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The Characters of Constelleum

Constelleum has a rich and interesting history, spanning many eons and star-systems. Each character is unique and brings their own special talents to the playing field. Here’s a chance to meet the stars of Constelleum.

    Name: Valencia Pronouns: She/Her
    Age: 27 Homeworld: Kinaara

    Valencia loves the rush of adrenaline and seeks it out wherever she can. In sport she uses it to fuel herself to new heights.

    Occupation(s): Ex-soldier, Help for hire
    Likes: Base jumping and a good horror story.
    Dislikes: Meditation and feelings.
    Quote: "I get to go all out against some of the greatest people alive? When do we start?"



    Name: Laminar Pronouns: He/Him
    Age: 31 Homeworld: Kinaara

    Laminar feels unseen currents allowing him to flow like water itself; enhancing both his body and mind.

    Occupation(s): Fisherman, Ferryman
    Likes: Fishing, celebrating, and navigating the oceans of Kinaara.
    Dislikes: Tourism.
    Quote: "Helping the dead reach the stars is worthy of celebration, no?"
    Name: Gnamma Pronouns: She/Her
    Age: 68 Homeworld: Tayassu

    Gnamma channels her deep connection to nature to work with her companion warthogs, Mulberry and Top Hat. Together they are a formidable force.

    Occupation(s): Conservationist
    Likes: Nature conservancy, hiking, and playing fetch with Mulberry and Top Hat.
    Dislikes: Poachers and opportunists.
    Quote: "Friends, family, mother and children, whatever you want to call those that have felt each other's love and pain."

    Gnamma with her companion warthogs Mulberry and Top Hat.

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